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2021 Leaf Ultimate Sports Hobby 10 Box Case

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2021 Leaf Ultimate Sports Hobby 10 Box Case

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Configuration: 10 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 3 card per pack.

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Configuration: 10 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 3 card per pack.

Leaf is proud to announce the return of one of the most exciting multi-sport products in the industry with 2021 Leaf Ultimate Sports! Look for an exciting mix of legends, young stars and superstars across all sports!


Ink to the Past
A dual autographed insert set featuring past and future legends! Such as: Tagovailoa/Marino, Burrow/Montana and Neymar Jr./Pele!

Ink to the Future
A 3 player signature card featuring generations of legends! Such as Bird/Garnett/Antetokounmpo!

The Exceptional Ones: Single player jumbo patch card featuring amazing one of only one crazy patches, logos and tags!! Look for The Exceptional Ones from Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady and David Beckham!

“The Ocho”
An 8 player memorabilia card from all spectrums of sports! Such as: Mantle/Payton/Dr. J/Pele/Ali/Brady/Messi/Nicklaus!

Ultimate Ring Team
An 8 player memorabilia card featuring stars and legends were the foundations for a championship season! Featuring Champions such as Montana/Young/Rice/Payton/Brady/Aikman/Elway/Taylor and Mantle/Hodges/Robinson/Stargell/DiMaggio/Mathews/Mays/Musial

The Ultimate Memorabilia 3
A three player triple memorabilia set featuring patch, jersey and other amazing memorabilia! Such as: Mantle/Snider/Mathews, Ali/Tyson/Patterson, Vince McMahon/Roddy Piper/Bobby Heenan and Mantle/DiMaggio/Berra

Ultimate Sports Magazine
Amazing and unique signature magazine covers featuring legendary moments in time such as: Barry Sanders, Joe Montana, Cal Ripken Jr. and Magic Johnson!

Ultimate Auto Memorabilia
A single player autographed memorabilia card featuring sports standouts such as Dan Marino, Neymar Jr., Tony Romo and Rickey Henderson!

The Beautiful Game Used
A single player dual relic memorabilia card featuring stars and legends of The Beautiful Game such as: Pele, Cristiano Ronald and Lionel Messi!

Sports Almanac
A 4-player memorabilia card featuring yearly sports milestones from sports legends! Such as 1958 Pele/Mantle/Palmer/Howe and 1986 Maradona/Payton/Carter/Bird!

Ultimate Fat Patch
A jumbo-sized Patch card!! Featuring stars and heroes such as: Tim Duncan, Tim Tebow, Dave Winfield and Karl Malone!

Ultimate Memorabilia 6 and 8
Multi player memorabilia cards featuring HOF Legends, superstars and sports heroes such as Ruth/Mantle/DiMaggio/Mays/Mathews/Snider/Clemente/Williams and Kobe/Wade/Allen/McGrady/Drexler/Miller

Mount Rushmore
A 4 player 4 swatch memorabilia card featuring pillars of sport such as Brady/Montana/Marino/Elway, Ruth/Payton/Kobe/Howe and Mantle/Mays/Griffey/Trout

Ultimate Sports Icons
A single player 4 relic memorabilia card featuring simply the greatest sports icons of all time! Such as: Babe Ruth, Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady and Muhammad Ali!

The Fabled 4
4 legends share this amazing quad memorabilia card! Such as: Kobe/Dr. J/Bird/Duncan and Clemente/Mantle/Mays/Williams

The Ultimate Duo
A 2-player memorabilia card featuring an amazing duo! Such as: Muhammad Ali/Will Smith, Bo Jackson/Tim Tebow, Roger Maris/Barry Pepper and Pele/Maradona

Ultimate X Signature Relics
A single player 4 swatch autographed memorabilia card featured on acetate technology!! Featuring shining stars of the sporting world such as Lionel Messi, Albert Pujols and Shaquille O’Neal!

Ultimate X Autographs
A single player signature card featured on clear acetate technology! Look for legends Such as: Randy Moss, Emmitt Smith and Vin Scully!

Ultimate X Signature Trio
Triple signed card on beautiful acetate! Featuring stars such as: Montana/Bradshaw/Aikman and Jerry West/Magic Johnson/Shaquille O’Neal

Ultimate Signatures
Signature set featuring heroes and legends from all walks of sport! Such as Vin Scully, Giannis, Drew Brees and Dan Marino

Ultimate Futures
Signature set featuring the future legends of sports! Such as Bryson DeChambeau, Joe Burrow and Fernando Tatis Jr.!

Ultimate Signatures Multi
Signature sets featuring heroes and legends from all walks of sport! Such as:
Duals: Joe Montana/Dan Marino and Pedro Martinez/Greg Maddux
Triples: Warren Sapp/Michael Irvin/Ray Lewis and Pele/Ronald/Neymar Jr.
Quad: West/Johnson/O’Neal/Worthy and Staubach/Bradshaw/Tarkenton/Griese
Six: Cristiano Ronaldo/Lionel Messi/Pele/Ronaldo/Neymar Jr./Wayne Rooney
Eight: Montana/Marino/Elway/Favre/Rodgers/Staubach/Bradshaw/Brees

Leaf Q Numerology
A single player auto memorabilia card hand numbered to the players legendary uniform number! Featuring legends such as: Albert Pujols /5, Dan Marino /13, Brett Favre /4 and Cristiano Ronaldo /7

The Immortal 4 Signatures
A foursome of awesome legendary signatures! Featuring an amazing quartet such as: Bird/Montana/Pele/Griffey Jr. and Montana/Hogan/Jackson/Henderson

The Four Sportsman
Another amazing quartet of signature sports heroes! Such as: Marino/Hogan/Mattingly/Bird and Messi/Rodgers/Pacquiao/St-Pierre

Championship Nucleus
A trio of stars that led their franchise to a championship are featured on this triple memorabilia card! Such as: Montana/Rice/Taylor and Bench/Rose/Morgan